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Julie Girdler (BVSc)

Veterinarian (BVSc) Hospital Superintendant. Hospital Owner.

Julie is an exceptional companion animal Veterinarian with a caring attitude and strong devotion to her clients and pets. She enjoys forming relationships with clients and their pets as well as all forms of surgery. Julie has a strong dedication to providing excellent care and kindness to all pets regardless of their size or personality. All types will be accomodated by her.

Her pets are Roger (Bull Mastiff and life saving blood donor) and Sam (Mix of every small breed and a few middle sized giving him a very unique appearance)

Myffawny Lawrie (BVSc Hons)


Myff graduated from Queensland University with honors and comes to us with a wealth of experience and knowledge. She is a caring veterinarian dedicated to providing the best outcome for patient and owner.

Pet details tba.

Megan Reilly

Veterinary Nurse Techinician

Megan is a fun loving sprite who brings positive energy wherever she goes. She is a talented nurse with 13 years of experience. Megan is trained in animal behaviour therapy and wants to see you and your pet happy.

Megan has a cheeky cat, Trevor.

Stephanie Bluff

Client relations and Veterinary Nurse.

Steph will be the amazing first impression you get of our Veterinary Hospital. Steph is friendly, kind and creative. Steph has worked for 7 yrs in animal care.

Steph owns Sherlock, an energetic miniature Schnauzer.

Hector the Protector

Head of security (Cat Scanner Hons, Dog Chaser Pass)

Hector came to us as a stray with a fractured hip. Julie removed Hectors femoral head. (The ball of the ball and socket joint) He is getting along fine and can jump and run.

Hector has had many pets over the years. Usually orphan kittens. He is a great foster parent.

Anthony Girdler

Practice Manager

Hi, it's me. I look after the website. I keep everything official and recorded. I do all the jobs no-one else knows how to do.The others are the public face of our hospital and work for you. I work for them.

Here you see me hard at work, as usual.


Client Relations and Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Jess is intelligent and hardworking. She is a person of genuine substance and integrity. You can tell there is sincerity and intuition behind that genuine smile. Jess cares about people and pets and is a valuable member of our team.

Still waiting for pet details.

Kerrie Korsman


Kerrie is gorgeous inside and out. She has a myriad of experience helping people from being a dietician to working with the disadvantaged. Kerrie has a warm calming personality and loves people and pets.

This is Arnold, Kerries Staphy.

Matthew Cook

Afternoon Assistant

Matt is clever, funny and easy going. He comes in after school and helps clean up and get ready for the next day. His cheeky smile and sense of humour makes up for his excessive back hair.

These are Matts dogs, Winston (Male Golden Retreiver) and Leo (Male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel).