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Dog Food

Vet only brands.

Eukanuba for Dogs and Iams for cats is our pet food of choice. The blends are tailored to age and breed. They are based on animal protien. They contain the necessary amounts of essential amino acids. Because they are properly balanced you don't need to feed as much meaning less poo and gas. Most of us feed our pets Iams or Eukanuba and we love it. We would not trust our pets nutrition with any other product.

Hills is another excellent food. We mostly use hills for their prescription foods for specific medical conditions or dental care. Premium vet only foods are similar price to the more expensive supermarket brands. They are worth the money.

Supermarket Brands

We don't know. We cannot recommend them because we have not done the research. And there are so many brands it's hard to generalise. When choosing a brand make sure the major ingredient is animal protien. We suggest avoiding wet foods because you are paying for water and dogs need to chew something hard to break tartar off teeth. Dogs and cats have certain essential amino acids that must be provided in the food. They cannot be converted from protiens in the food. Be careful and know what you are looking for or you could cost your beloved pet 20% of it's life.

Making your own food

A noble idea. Please do your research. Essential amino acids, protien, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, calcium, tartar control and more must be provided for in your pets diet. If you cannot do the research to prepare the meals properly, please don't. If you can afford the time and expense of preparing an excellent fresh diet for your pets you will have the healthiest dogs in town. If you get it wrong.....we will be here to pick up the pieces.

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