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For those with dogs suffering from panic attacks or phobia miseries, there is help in the form of the dog appeasing pheromone used in the pheromone therapy. Pheromone therapy has been very effective and successful in treating phobias and stress experienced by dogs. How can pheromone help in appeasing dogs? What are pheromones? Pheromones are natural chemicals within animals and are said to be the chemical that affects animal behavior. For dog appeasing pheromone therapy, pheromones are taken in through the nasal passage of the dog to produce a calming effect on one part of the brain that is connected to the dog's behavior and emotion.

In a certain study, scientists discovered that female dogs naturally produce a calming and tranquilizing pheromone 3 to 5 days after they give birth to their puppies. This dog appeasing pheromone is responsible for giving the newborn puppies the message of constant security, safety, and reassurance. The scientists who performed this study used this natural dog appeasing pheromone to develop a synthetic form that can possibly be used as a dog appeasing pheromone diffuser to be used in the dog's home.

Since the introduction of the dog appeasing pheromone diffuser to the market, dog owners have gained the ability to recognize and understand how to produce natural tranquilizer for dogs in times of dog anxiety and stress. Through proper identification of the calming dog appeasing pheromone and mimicking the feeling of care and reassurance passed by a mother to her puppies, it becomes very easy for dog owners to help their dogs surmount and overcome their fears and anxieties. Many veterinary professionals have already tried this dog appeasing pheromone treatment and discovered that it really makes a big difference in treating dog stress, anxieties, and even phobias.

Another study revealed that 50 dogs that showed signs of phobia and fear, in response to noise around them, were exposed to constant use of dog appeasing pheromones. All 50 dogs showed an improvement in their symptoms. The study was conducted two weeks before the main even of exposing the dogs to noise; the scientists used dog appeasing pheromone in different forms, including pheromone spray and dog appeasing pheromone collar also know as the DAP collar. During the main event, the dogs' anxiety levels were reduced significantly.

It is believed that pheromones are definitely an exciting development that can be used to combat anxiety and stress problems in dogs. It is set as a very effective treatment for different emotional strains dogs have been facing in their lives. To help you understand the pheromones concept more, some additional facts about the discovery, studies made, as well as, some other information you might need, are listed below.

Dog Appeasing Pheromone Study

The study on pheromones was started by Dr. Patrick Pageat, a French veterinarian. Dr. Pageat worked with goats and pigs and identified a pheromone that allegedly caused newborns to be attached to their dams. He took samples of the fatty liquid that secretes from the skin of goats and pigs over their mammary glands. He analyzed it using the method of mass spectrometry and discovered different peaks that indicate the chemical substances of the secretion. One of these was the apaisine that is said to be a pheromone responsible for the filial bonding of animals. Afterwards, Pageat made several studies on the efficacy of the apaisine.

Pageat arrived at puzzling conclusions because the bonding between the mother and kids was shown to result from the release of a fluid called oxytocin in response the action of smelling the kids 2 to 3 hours after giving birth. Female dogs apparently secrete apaisine too.

Pageat concluded that the feeling of the neonate's well-being is induced by the attractant and that the chemical called pheromone has some appeasing or placating effect. He also concluded that pheromones might be an effective treatment for dogs suffering from conditions like dog separation anxiety, noise phobias, thunderstorm phobias, and other situational fears.

Chemically, it is hard to determine what dog appeasing pheromone or dog appeasing pheromones are actually because distributors keep their trade secret strictly and that no publications really state its composition.

Uses of Dog appeasing Pheromone (DAP)

  • DAP is used in the treatment of dog separation anxiety, neophobia, and other phobias and fears.
  • DAP can also help in the alleviation of transportation or boarding fear, excessive licking, or excessive vocalization (whining and barking).
  • DAP may also be used to calm dogs on their vet visits as well as to help treat them from house soiling.
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