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Lochinvar Pet Motel - 02 49307612

Good things: We have been there and the facilities are excatly what you want from a good boarding facility. Clean, spacious, room to exercise, kind staff, welcoming atmosphere, hiding places for cats. It is a great place.

Bad things: Need to book well in advance, especially for holiday periods. I suggest a year in advance for christmas.

Hunter Pet Motel - 02 49383710

Good things: Steph and Megan went for a visit in 2015. The facilities are awesome. Very clean and well maintained. A large range or options for cats. Good facilities for dogs.

Bad things: A bit of a drive.

Silkwood Boarding Kennels - 02 65741347

Good things: We have not heard much. Please leave a comment on Facebook and I will update.

Bad things: ?

Do you know of any other boarding kennels servicing SIngleton ? Let us know.

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